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Guy Farrish

Thanks Jonathan, fascinating as always.

I used to live on the edge of the Cotswolds and it was interesting how quickly you became blasé about Roman remains! I used to walk every weekend I was home, and it was a rare excursion you didn’t trip over a bit of Roman history – literally on occasion. I was walking in Spoonley woods near Sudely Castle, Winchcombe and stumbled over a bit of rocky undergrowth. On closer inspection the humps and bumps turned out to be the walls of a villa with a mosaic lurking under a rough bit of sacking and turf. This was before the internet and as a non-local I had no idea this existed. I have since discovered that although the groundplan and mosaic are original some of the bumps are partly 19th century reconstructions – but it remains a thrill to have literally stumbled on something like that.

But as I say you became complacent. I wish I’d paid a little more attention at the time. I don’t live that far away now, but family who aren’t overly interested in country walks and Roman remains make such events rarer than I would like.

Thanks for sharing.