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Jemima Fawr

Cheers KB!

Go for it!  It’s amazing how much more accessible the period is now since we built that Danish army (only a few years ago)!

For Danish infantry, use West Germans (we used Israelis, as there were no 15mm West German infantry anywhere until QRF brought theirs out about 6 years ago).  They were dressed in plain olive drab until 1985, when the Danish back & bright green flecked camo pattern first appeared.  For Carl-Gustav gunners, sneak in some Dutch or Canadians or just snip the warhead off Panzerfaust 44s – it looks remarkably effective!

Leopard 1A3s, Centurions, Land Rovers and M113s are easily available from a number of manufacturers.  Both QRF and Flames of War do the M41.  Nobody does the late-80s ‘DK’ upgrades for the Centurion or M41, but the Centurion Mk 5/2 DKs (which appeared from 1985) are easy to convert (the M41 DK-1 not so much, but it didn’t actually appear until 1987).

If you want organisational info, my Danish orbats and TO&Es for Battlefront: First Echelon are here: http://www.fireandfury.com/orbats/modcwdanish.pdf

NB  The orbats are done at the usual 1:2 or 1:3 ratio for Battlefront.  At 1:1, Danish Tank Squadrons were organised as ten tanks – three platoons of 3x tanks and one Sqn HQ tank.  Infantry companies have three platoons, each of 3x sections, with a Carl Gustav in each section (or one per platoon in some reservist orgs).  Where TOWs are shown on the orbat, each model represents 2 real ones.

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