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Hobby Attention Deficit Disorder. I work on a buncha different stuff at more-or-less the same time. That helps me avoid finishing anything. At this particular moment…

  1. I’m painting the basecoat on a couple of 1/285 Italian bombers.
  2. I’m painting up a 25mm Dixon vignette of an Indian warrior scalping a Frnech soldier.
  3. Primer is drying on a couple dozen 1/285 airplanes in the garage.
  4. I just cleaned up half a dozen flight stand bases, to be spray-painted soon.
  5. I’m painting a Zvezda 1/200 Ju 52.
  6. I’m trying to salvage a crummy small model of TOS USS Enterprise that I plan to give away if I can ever properly match and patch the paint job.
  7. I’m repairing a set of 25mm ox carts that have sat in a box for far too long, so I can prime them.

That’s the stuff that got attention tonight. Last night I finished and put away some 2-dimensional 1/1200 WWII ships (bombing targets) and some 20mm WWII AFV (mix of HO and 1/72).

There’s a tray of about 100 stand of figures, 15mm and 25mm, that need to be flocked and sealed once I finish that Dixon vignette, and a couple dozen 1/285 airplanes ready to be decaled, once I finish painting that pair of Italian bombers.

So yeah kyote, it’s a way of life for me.


You'll shoot your eye out, kid!