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Sane Max

But yeah, most of the ones I’ve seen, including the one I have, are of that lemon shape. Mine doesn’t have DEKA, or any of the other fun things cast on, unfortunately; those are out of my price range.

I have used ‘rugger-ball’ shapes in my staff sling, but my ‘sling’ ammo are acorns. It’s the protrusions on the ends of the ‘Lemons’, – that makes them look like lemons I mean – that I have not noticed before.

One shape I would not recommend are spheres. I found a chap making custom-made moulds online, and expressed interest. My wife bought me one as a gift, 25 grams is a little light anyway, but also perfect balls seem not to fly anything like as true.

What Rob Said

All true. May I add ‘a few months wear, never mind in the field, by a legionary and everything would be the same colour’


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