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The stands were from 30 years ago. These were my final generation, about #4. They allow the plane to be pointed at any attitude from straight up to straight down and rolled to any angle at the same time. The antennae were always only mean to impart the feeling of who is high(er) depending on the size of the game. We played Air Superiority at the end and you use both aircraft performance charts and flight data charts so no need to represent anything other than the position and orientation of the plane with the stands.

I recently became aware of a WWI game called “In Clouds of Glory” which uses a very innovative flight stand. However, it requires very light models like the 1/350 plastic kits or shapeways ones. Similar results but the models are “hung” from their noses instead of their tails as on mine. The altitude is represented by position along a vertical carbon rod so you have a much greater range which combines with the limitations of WWI planes to pretty much allow full altitude representation on one yard or meter long rods. I haven’t read into it far due to lack of suitably inspired opponents in my area (GTA).


The round magnet/steel ball idea is novel but it still limits your potential positions so, for my level of detail fanaticism, it wouldn’t have sufficed but may have been an alternate jump off point. The scooter was from an earlier iteration which used long 4-40 set screws installed in the “burner cans” and locked to the stands with jam nuts. The adapter in the picture gives and idea of the earlier concept. The bent brass rod/wire is lighter and much simpler. The bend behind the plane is what you use to position the plane bank wise as just twisting on the fin/rudder caused damage to the mini, especially the much more scale GHQ and CinC modern planes I started with. There is a slight bend in the part of the wire which inserts into the tube. This keeps the plane from rolling or slipping out of the tube.