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Not Connard Sage

Are you saying that statements such as……… are a bit silly?

No, as that would be foolishly impolitic coming from someone as daft as me. For example, I love my Sassanids. No, not Sassanian Persians, the people of that area from the 3rd CE onwards in the real world – I mean ‘Sassanids’ the Wargames army that has eveolved over the years into an identifiable wargames type. A Trope if you will, a cliche, a stereotype. The infantry wear all white and wear enormous white globe hats, and on the battlefield the poor old spearmen have the fighting characteristics of Dad’s army crossed with some extra-timorous Gerbils. Do I believe they were actually that bad, or that Globular-hatted? No, not really. But that is what ‘Sassanids’ do, after 40 years of one army list writer cribbing from the one before him. So if someone wants to get their internal image of bollock-protectorss correct for themselves, who am I to criticise?


You mean…you’re playing <gasp> historicals with a…a…fantasy army?

*faints dead away*


"I'm not signing that"