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    Avatar photoDaniele V

    How do you base 1/72 WW1 figures? Size / nr of figures? I am planning to use One Hour Wargames (1 unit = 4″-6″ frontage) but I would like to be able to play other rules.

    Avatar photoian pillay

    Good question. I tend to base all my miniatures these days. I play a lot of OHW, not got round to WW1 just yet. I would depending on scale, multi base with Crossfire rules in mind as well. So for 15mm and smaller I use 30mm square bases and 20mm to 25mm, 40mm square bases. 28mm would go 50mm or at a push 60mm bases.
    I use squares bases but round ones would work as well.
    as to the number of castings, again I tend to use Crossfire as a guide here. 3 castings for a rifle armed squad, 4 for a smg squad, 2/3 plus heavy weapon for HMG squad. Squad leader 1 casting, company commander 2/3 castings.
    relating this back to OHW, NT only mentions individual castings for his WW2 rules. For me I would , use the above as a guide but have two bases per unit, that way you can include the heavy weapons into a squad.
    Alternatively you could base all is individuals and put them on a movement tray. You would still need some way of recording 15 hits….

    I’ve got a few multi hit marker bases with 3x7mm dice frames on for this. If you check out my blog you will see an example of a Greek one. (Blog address in signature below)

    Good luck and have fun!

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    Avatar photoMartinR

    My 20mm WW1 stuff is based up (nominally) for Square Bashing and Great War Spearhead but I usually mix in extra support weapons and poses so I can down to platoon level or up to Army level. 30×30 bases, generally a couple of figures or a weapons crew on each. Obviously guns and vehicles are bigger.

    For OHW I like BIG units, so I put a load of bases together, usually half a dozen in a block on a 5″x3″ sabot base. Big units in OHW avoid some silly aspects about how many units you can cram in a town and means the players have to do some traffic management.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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