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    10mm castle walls, who makes nice warhammer flavoured castle walls?

    Not so keen on Kallistra as they are a bit weedy and also the fronts are very flat.
    Something with buttresses and so on ideally.

    Geof Downton

    I have a memory of Sally4th doing a laser cut mdf Warmaster castle. However, I can only find 28mm stuff on their website now.

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    Guy Farrish

    They did ( and may do again?)

    Our incredibly desireable castles have temporarily been made ‘Unavailable’. Due to the wide variety of styles and options, at this moment in time we are not able to produce these highly individual items. However, as they are a very popular product, we wish to develop the range and so plan to run a Kickstarter at some point in the future at which point you will be able to purchase your own unique Sally 4th Castle

    Old Glory ‘Grand Scale’ do castles and walls – pricey but they may have something you might like? The Crusader Castle set looks nice but it’s £70.

    Mike Headden

    Depending on how picky you are, Leven Miniatures do some 6mm castle components.



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    Not really after MDF, too plain. 6mm is too small.

    The Old Glory European may work, but not after postage and import duty. 🙁

    EDIT: Actually that looks flat like the Kallistra one too.

    Jeremy Edwards

    Look at Metcalfe Models (basically model railway stuff), they have just released a series of castle parts in both 00 and N, the N gauge would probably suit tour requirements.  Metcalfe N Gauge models are slightly overscale and would be excellent size wise for 12mm.


    Cheers, again quite flat.
    I may have to make my own mayhaps?

    I am after something more like this:

    Steven Francis

    Insulation foam and scribing may be your best bet. Or cutting blocks and texturing them then building. Either way would be hard to get the scale right.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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