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    Just Jack


    I was reading on the internet and it fired me up to try out some old rules. And for these new rules, I needed some new troops. I actually refrained from adding to the lead pile; instead, I re-purposed some figures I had lying around, and I’m very happy with how they turned out.

    I’m looking at heading to the Mediterranean, specifically Sicily and Italy, for some WWII gaming between Canadians and Germans. Here’s a look at what I did.

    Two equal forces, all troops and equipment from Pendraken. Both sides have a Company Commander (on a quarter), four rifle platoons (three squad stands and Platoon Commander on a penny), two machine guns on tripods (Vickers and MG-42s), a mortar (3″ and 80mm), two anti-tank stands (PIATs and Panzerschrecks), an anti-tank gun (6-pounder, and I wanted a PaK-38, but had Pak-40s on hand), and one Engineer squad. Amongst my 10mm WWII collection I’ve got plenty of other guns and vehicles to use as well, everything from Bren carriers to various armored cars, halftracks, self-propelled guns, and tanks.

    Some Canadian rifle squads. You can see I went with the lightweight summer uniforms, sand colored (almost white when faded, from what I could tell from contemporary pictures), and I put red divisional patches on each shoulder.

    Some German rifle squads. I painted the trousers desert yellow, and a lot of hats and helmets got the same treatment. I left some of the hats field gray, though all the helmets are either desert yellow or camouflage.

    To see more pics and get some details on my plans for these guys, please check the blog at:

    I’ve got one more fight to play out to finish up my US Marines in the Philippines (two still to post), and I’ve got some modern Special Operations stuff going on for Cuba Libre, but I want to get to this project as soon as possible, start working with the boy on the new rules.



    Jack !! you butterfly !!!  Oh well off to the Med.

    Norm S

    Love the Balagan blog and Crossfire are very interesting rules, looking forward to whatever comes from this.

    Rod Robertson


    If you’re looking for inspiration and great scenario ideas find and read Mark Zeuhlke’s “Operation Husky”. He is a great military writer and presents many small actions along with the big picture narrative.


    The Germans and the Canadians look great and I am looking forward to seeing these figures in action. As to Canadian vehicles, much of 1st Division’s equipment was lost at sea when the ship carrying it was torpedoed enroute from N. Africa, so this is going to be an infantry campaign for the most part as far as the Canadians are concerned, at least initially.

    Too many funerals, birthdays and a Robbie Burns Day celebration this weekend but I hope to get back to your Philippines Bat Reps next week.

    Cheers and good gaming.

    Rod Robertson.

    Just Jack

    Kyote – Indeed.

    Norm – Definitely, thanks.

    Rod – Thanks for the book recommendation, I’ll take a look.  And I’d read about the Canadian 1st Division’s transport being torpedoed, was fairly surprised they only lost ~50 men.  In any case, I figure Sicily will be largely infantry, when we get to Italy we’ll see more vehicles.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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