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    I was surfing through Pinterest for ship plans when a few card ships popped up, Once I clicked on them a whole new world of card models started showing up. Every one I clicked on brought more. Including buildings. All of the buildings I have bought for my 1/1200 scale terrain have been rather expensive. I wondered if I could possibly shrink down a card building small enough to work with my ships, and still be able to put it together in a decent amount of time and look good enough for the table. So I tried it and I think this is going to work.

    I downloaded the following two jpeg sheets from Pinterest. Then I inserted them both, along with several others, into a Microsoft Word document. I took measurements of several of my 1/1200 Langton buildings and came up with approximately 5 millimeters per story. I shrunk these photos down to approximately 1/1200 size then printed the sheet out on paper first to check the size. Last I printed it out on 110 lb card stock.

    1st plan pg1

    1st plan pg2

    Cutting out the now tiny pieces was fiddly, but using a small pair of scissors and a sharp xacto knife I got it done. Figuring out where all of the little pieces went was another thing entirely. I believe I mostly got everything where it was supposed to go but I did have to improvise a bit in a couple of places. Here is the result mounted on a large washer.

    With a penny and a French third rate for size comparison:

    Here are a few individual buildings I completed before attempting the more difficult one above:

    I have decided this is a very economical way to make buildings for my scale, and there are so many. I hit a bonanza when I found http://papermau.blogspot.com/
    I now have card Vauban forts, castle keeps, castle/fortified towns, whole villages, farms, etc. That’s just Europe. I also now have Middle Eastern, North African, Japanese fortifications and buildings. All can be reduced to 1/1200 scale and be built. Here are some samples:
    Large French Castle:

    Completed village (Normal 28mm scale:

    Small French Castle:

    Small Spanish Castle:

    A couple of finished castles:



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    Really good work! It’s been years since I made similar card buildings in 1/300th scale, and yes they were cheap and I got plenty of use out of them, but they were so fiddly (and I’m so sausage-fingered) I can feel my blood pressure rising just remembering!

    All the same, I think I’ll check these out!

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    They actually go together pretty fast.

    I’m thinking now I should have posted this in the Terrain forum. Not much traffic here.

    "Research is what I’m doing when I don’t know what I’m doing"
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    Are you a member over at http://www.papermodelers.com, too? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen these models somewhere before.

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    No I’m not. Thanks for the tip.

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    I’m interested in these, and even have some of the Vauban fortresses you mention.  I just haven’t gotten the courage to try one yet.


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