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    Alexandre Leal

    So basically my WWII miniatures come into two scales, and basically German (though I have a decent amount of target dummies, ermm, enemy tanks for my 1/285th force).

    For the Micro armor I´m thinking about using Panzer War, though I´m still thinking about using them for tank skirmish.

    The 1/100 were originally bought for FoW but it seems I never could  “buy” into the system… Not enough detail (it´s crunchy all right but lacks finer detail in key aspects like tank range, or penetration or armor) and extreme focus on quantity/volume AND list building (which is a company strategy to make players buy more and more miniatures). So basically I will use them for skirmish, with choices being Battleground, Final Combat (only played once using 3rd edition rules), or a Portuguese Game that I find to be have one of the best engines AND data/detail both regarding gun and armor data, named “Grupo de Combate”, though sadly not being actively developed.


    photo upload[/url]

    Alexandre Leal

    Yes, the 1st two photos are micro armor. As to the mud I really like to have my models weathered and muddied, and a bit battered. The problem, it seems, is that the detail on the mud didn´t weathered well, meaning that both detail and color was a bit lost after applying the varnish, and especially the color on the “mud” that was applied was a bit lost, blurred, over time…

    As for FoW the detail on this is very basic. Weapons have maximum range, but actually no range bands per se, just a generic bellow 40cm and above 40cm (and up to maximum range), independently of the gun. As for the rest, since the basic dice engine is d6 successes and the way the designers approach the subject the detail on armor vs penetration was bound to be very roughly outlined, whereas, for instance, in “Grupo de Combate” (“Combat Group” in a literal English translation) a 8.8cm KwK 43 L/71 gun, using APCBC has a base 97% chance to hit a target at 100m, with penetration factor of 20, a base 62% to hit at 750m with 17 penetration factor, and, for instance, a base 8% chance to hit at 2500m with 13 penetration. (this range bands are just 3 examples since the actual range bands are 100, 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750, 2000 and 2500).

    Comparing this gun to that of a T34/85 our.1943, a 85mm D-5-t L/55, firing APC ammo, which has a base 90% to hit at 100m with 14 penetration factor, a base 49% to hit at 750 with penetration factor of 11, and a base 3% to hit at 2500 with 7 penetration factor, we can see the efective diference between both guns, and that has (as it should be) a very practical effect in combat believe you me. For instance, at 750m the 17 penetration of the 8.8cm gives a  base 94% chance to penetrate the turret (frontal hit) of the T34/85, which has a armor factor of 9 at that location (this is a very, very basic % chance, not applying any of the various modifiers to it), while the T34/85 gun, with the 11 penetration will have a base 55% to penetrate the frontal turret zone (not the gun shield zone which has a much higher armor rating) of the PzKpfw VI Ausf. B (P).

    This is the diference in detail…

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