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    Today’s addition to my ongoing Russian 1812 collection is depicted as the 13th Light Battery in ‘summer’ dress, from the 7th Division, VI Corps, at Borodino. Breaking slightly from past practice, the figures are 28mm Perry Miniatures (rather than the older Wargames Foundry sculpts by Alan Perry), as I find the Perry guns (in particular) to be more ‘proportionately’ scaled than the earlier Foundry sculpts by Alan Perry–was it really twenty years ago??  Only another brigade leader stand remains to be painted in order to complete the project (7th Infantry Division), then it will be on to the additional cavalry support ‘options’, in the form of two hussar regiments, also using Perry figures.

    Comments and critique welcomed, as always.

    Bryce Allen


    They look nice, can’t offer any period insight, but they look good, tidy paintjobs, and they appear to be presented on a posh looking box!

    Anthony Miles

    Beautiful workmanship, and extremely historical. So, maybe a summary of the comapny’s history during the era would be of interest ….

    18.06.1803 the comapny was newly formed as Major Fedorov’s Light Artillery company, at the formation of the 2nd battalion of the 5th Artillery regiment, at Kiev (Kiev Inspection) – commander Major (19.02.1807 Lieutenant-Colonel) Evgraf Matveyevich Fedorov
    04.06.1804 renamed Lieutenant-Colonel Cherepov’s Light Artillery company – commander Lieutenant-Colonel (28.10.1804 Colonel, retired) Kiril Leontiyevich Cherepov
    28.10.1804 Vacant Light Artillery company – commanded by a Staff-Captain
    14.02.1805 renamed Major Shtaden’s Light Artillery company – commander Major (21.12.1807 Lieutenant-Colonel) Gustaf Gustafovich Shtaden (Rienhold Gustav von Staden)
    1805 Amstetten, Krems, Austerlitz
    23.08.1806 included in the formation of the 9th Artillery brigade (9th Infantry division)
    1806-1807 actions along the Narew river
    08.09.1807 Vacant Light Artillery company – commanded by Staff Captain Lavr L’vovich Gulevich
    15.11.1807 renamed Major Devel’s Light Artillery company – commander Major (04.12.1811 Lieutennant-Colonel) Danilo Fyodorich Devel (Daniel Friedrich von Däwel)
    18.02.1808 Vacant Light Artillery company – commanded by Staff Captain Ivan Grigoryevich Zenich – while Major Devel is court marshalled on unknown charges
    09.03.1809 again named Major Devel’s Light Artillery company – acquitted, Major Devel returned to his command
    01.10.1809 transferred to the 7th Artillery brigade (7th Infantry division)
    14.02.1811 renamed the 13th Light Artillery company – in the 7th Field Artillery brigade (7th Infantry division, in General of Infantry Dokhturov’s 6th corps)
    1812 Smolensk, Borodino, Tarutino, Maloyarolslavets, Krasnoï
    23.09.1814 renamed the 24th Light Artillery company – in the 12th Field Artillery brigade (12th Infantry division)
    1815-1816 served in the occupation of France
    10.10.1816 promoted Colonel, Danilo Devel leaves the company
    18.04.1819 renamed the 3rd Light Artillery company of the 12th Field Artillery brigade – in the 3rd Artillery division (3rd Infantry corps)

    Both commanders of the company during the conflict with the French were later general officers : Gustaf Shtaden on 23 May 1813 and Danilo Devel on 6 December 1829.

    At the beginning of the 20th cetury, the company’s tradtions were conserved by the 2nd Battery of the 9th HIH Master-General of the Artillery Grand Duke Michael’s East-Siberia Rifle Artillery Brigade

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    Gorgeous, they look so alive. Would gunners really serve the guns with a blanket roll over their shoulder, or would they leave it on a caisson?


    Actually, Grizz they are overcoats (shinels in Russian) rather than blankets, which were handy for deflecting slashing swords when enemy horsemen closed to hand-to-hand range.  But mostly, Alan Perry sculpted them on the figures, so I had to paint them. 

    Bryce Allen


    Nicely done.

    Self taught, persistently behind the times, never up to date. AKA ~ jeff
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