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    Avatar photoNorm S

    Another slice of action from the continuation of my Piggy Longton Imaginations series.

    The Lancastrians have tricked the Yorkists into dividing their army, in their search for King Henry to capture him. With the enemy divided, the Lancastrians assault Piggy Longton …… but, they are not aware that other enemy reinforcements are on the way.



    Avatar photoTony S

    Well, that didn’t go terribly well did it?   I rather liked your hand drawn map.  Charming!

    I just reread S&S because of your previous post, and was reminded why I wanted to try it sometime.   If you don’t mind, a couple of questions.

    You played on a fairly small table, and with 28mm figures.  What size DU did you use?

    Would it perhaps have been better to add the reinforcements as a “third” player, and added a third colour of dice to the bag, rather than bumping up one side?  Would it have played differently?  Although I suppose it was the player’s decision to push his activation dice towards the reinforcements, so my question is probably pointless.

    And hypocritical because i tend to like situations in rules that give the player lots of rope to hang themselves!  A large part of the fun in wargames for me are those types of decision points.

    As ever, thanks Norm.

    Avatar photoNorm S

    Hi Tony,

    For DU, I have mixed it up a bit. They suggest 15mm on an 80mm base and 28mm on a 120mm base, in a similar style to Impetvs rules. However, because of my ‘limited’ game space and wanting the bigger army selection, I wanted the 80mm base, as they say you can have 15 bases per side on a 6 x 4 and 12 on a 5 x 3 without issue, but my armies are 28mm, so I combined the the 28’s with the 80mm base. I am sure that 120mm would give a better dioramic effect, but the 28mm with 80 mm base combo works well on my table.

    beings Wars of the Roses, most of my bases are use two deep, with an archer base up front and a melee base behind, so in any case, I don’t particularly need the 6’ width, as the armies can operate on a narrower frontage being double depth.

    You can see that the Lancastrian force on the table were 12 bases in total, yet the army frontage was only 7 bases wide.

    For DU’s, I have marked up a wooden dowel into 50mm segments, each representing 1 DU. It all seems to work fine.

    Yes, 3 players, 3 forces, 3 different coloured dice is a valid point. In his VLOG videos, some years ago, Ralph Astley did some demo games and he did exactly that, with three different coloured dice, but he drew 11 rather than 7 dice from the bag each time.

    The Yorkists found themselves in the situation that those on the hill didn’t really need any command dice, unless they were attacked in melee and so they had some spare command capacity to divert to the reinforcements.

    In the scenario design, it was envisaged that the reinforcement would arrive and sit on the Yorkist right and that the army would be acting as a whole ….. however in reality, the reinforcements started quite a bit away, so needed a lot of effort to get them moved up and those forces on the hill had inactivity ‘forced’ upon them to allow that to happen.

    Although you get 1 dice per unit in the back, the number of unusable Action Dice, because it is easy to roll 1, 2 and 3 is unsurprisingly high., so I think with the numbers on the table, if I had used 4 different coloured dice for the reinforcements, mathematically, two of them would have failed every turn and so getting those troops to the front would have just taken too long.

    Luckily for them, when testing under the scenario rule for levy / retinue status, they all rolled retinue, so that any 4+ (rather than just a 5+) die could be utilised.

    They are a very interesting set of rules. Highly nuanced, but also quite ‘mechanical’ in nature, with quite a few exceptions to learn.


    Avatar photoCyrus

    Great looking game Norm!

    Avatar photoDarkest Star Games

    Bummer of a loss for the home team.  I just hope there isn’t a whole lot of pillaging of the village and it’s ladies and that our man can recapture his fief.

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

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