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    I do not know a lot about the Dark Ages, other than they mostly were not dark. I purchased As Told in the Great Hall: A Wargamers Guide to Dark Age Britain by Martin Hackett years ago to help out (at least for Britain).   It is a good read, and also contains some dark age scenarios.  I meant to use them back in 2014 but never got around to it.  November 2020 approached and I had a revised plan.  Play all the scenarios using my own rules, and play them on a 1’x1′ board with my own rules so I have a chance to complete them all in one month.. I played 15 out of the 17 scenarios in the book (2 were not suitable for the rules).    I did complete this in November but it has taken me this long to find time to write it up.

    A short report for all 15 battles is at this blog post:


    Here are some pictures from some of the battles to get an idea of the size and what went on:

    Battle of Mt Baedon 516AD


    Battle of WinWaed 654AD

    Battle of Brunanburh 937AD

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