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    I wanted to expand my arid fantasy building ‘collection’ so I’ve just had arrive a couple of buildings from Kerr & King and another couple from Blotz. It was a bit of a gamble getting them, as I had no idea how they would compare in size to the Crom’s Anvil buildings I have.

    I took a couple of pics last night so I could share how they compare …

    First up is Kerr & King’s KK-043 15mm Adobe Building – Small, next to Crom’s Anvil’s Medium House:

    To my mind the door on the K&K building is quite narrow … it has a removable roof, unlike the CA building

    And now, Blotz’s Middle Eastern Building #6, again with Crom’s Anvil’s Medium House; as this is an MDF building, I just but the sides onto the base for this comparison:

    Again, the doorway seems quite narrow … again, the roof is designed to be removed in play.

    When I’ve assembled & painted the buildings, I’ll post more pic’s.  IMO, both buildings are suitable for use beside CA’s.

    Hope this is of use!


    Avatar photoMike

    Cool beans.
    I suspect they are true to ‘scale’ where as the CA ones are true to 15/18mm.
    If that makes any sense?

    Avatar photoAngel Barracks

    Looking forward to seeing the Arid Village/Town grow..

    Avatar photoOldBen1

    Doorways always drive me crazy!  Most buildings I find have doorways that are too narrow.  I like the Crom’s Anvil ones, they seem to scale well.

    The Kerr and King one looks nice.  I’m still not a fan of MDF.  I’ve painted a couple and they seem to need too much work for my limited ability.

    Avatar photoNorthern Monkey

    I’m still not a fan of MDF. I’ve painted a couple and they seem to need too much work for my limited ability.

    I never thought I would be, having always preferred resin buildings, but I have come around to MDF, its far cheaper, easier to store, and relatively easy to mod to your own tastes, I made a decent sized 15mm sci-fi colony set up, at a low cost using mainly plain adobe style kits, with the bonus of most of the buildings being enterable, the same size set up in resin would have cost well over £100 and would not have had the same accessibility

    My attempt at a Blog: http://ablogofwar.blogspot.co.uk/

    Avatar photoOldBen1

    Good point I suppose. The price is pretty good.

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