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    Just Jack


    Here is the newest debut of my 15mm forces. So much for a side project, eh? In any case, these are my latest production, and they are my new favorite troops. There’s a couple quirks, and (as usual) my pics aren’t the best and don’t do them justice, but these figures are absolutely amazing, and I’m pretty happy with my paint job too.

    So, these are 15mm Modern US Marines from Flytrap Factory. I don’t know yet where they will deploy, and I don’t know what rules I’ll be using them with, but they’re ready. I painted them up in the US “Multicam” pattern, and I’m pleased with the way it turned out. Being that they’re Multica, so suitable for temperate, tropical, and desert climes, I did my best to give them ‘multicam’ bases too, which amounted to a textured base painted desert sand, given a strong wash, then sticking some static grass to them. It looks okay, but now I just got two forces for the price of one ๐Ÿ˜‰ Which is why I didn’t list these as “Modern Middle East” or “Modern Africa;” they’re both.

    The whole force, 25 guys from two packs. I bought the ‘stand alone’ USMC pack of 15 troops, and another Skirmish Sangin scenario pack that had three HMMWVs (which haven’t been touched yet) and another ten Marines. Here you can see my ‘multicam basing’ in aggregate; not too bad. You can tell there were two different sculptors used for the two different Flytrap USMC packs, but they fit well together. Both packs have a lot of character, a lot of poses, and the gear weapons (for the most part) look fantastic. I say ‘for the most part,’ because there are a couple weapons in here that look a bit strange (detailed below), and several of the M-16s look like they’re sporting Vietnam-era 20-round magazines… But I don’t care, I still love’em!

    And please forgive me; I’ll be damned if I can take a good photo here lately. Part of the problem is there’s been no natural light, it’s been overcast here for the past couple weeks. So bear with me. These pics really don’t do them justice, the figures are incredible.

    To see pics of all the poses, please check the blog at:

    Again, sorry for the dismal photos, but these little guys are fantastic and I can’t wait to get them into the fight (and I haven’t even started my 20mm campaign yet!).

    Lots more posts to come of recently completed troops, and I should be starting my Balkans campaign any minute now, so stay tuned.



    Anton does some wicked miniatures.

    Rod Robertson

    Your Marines look great! You have got to love these minis. I have bunches of them for both US Marines and (with some slight modifications) Canadians. If you like the marines you’re gonna love the Taliban range offered by Flytrap. They are great! The Royal Marine Commandos and the Modern Germans are really good too. I have not yet seen the British Paras yet but I would wager they are fine minis too. There was some talk of French Foreign Legion troops down the road aways too. The Enigmatic Baron Trapdoor is putting out really great stuff and a big thank you is called for.
    I think you’ll be pleased with the HMMVV’s. When they are combined with HMMVV’s from Khurasan you’ll be in Humvee-heaven!
    Keep up the great work and goog gaming.
    Rod Robertson.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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