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    Earlier this year I finished a 15mm Later Samurai DBA army. It was a tough army to paint and I resorted to painting the lace on the armour one dot at a time! I am very pleased with how they came out, but the only problem is I have about another 400 figures in a box to paint! Anyway, I will post the various bases over the next few days.

    Finished army

    General (Cv) base in the front


    Thanks for looking


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    but the only problem is I have about another 400 figures in a box to paint!


    holy carp!

    I am thinking of getting a small Japanese group for my CROM! games and have been perusing models, so welcome and good timing.
    I may just do a lone samurai, because as you say, to paint them would take an era.


    Darkest Star Games

    Man, 400 is a LOT of troops at that scale.  But if they look as great as these you’ll be a real proud papa!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    Thanks. Yes it is too many figures but it was a bulk deal so good value. I should be able to sell half off to pay for the other half. Although I am keen to paint up 2 warring clans


    Cavalry and Foot Bow


    Samurai foot (blades)




    Next up is two bases of Ashigaru Pike. A bit hard to see from this angle and one has a sword but they are Pike in DBA terms.

    And my Baggage element. Its designed so I can add a second part to it to enclose it more.

    BTW these are all Two Dragons figures


    The last bases for my 15mm DBA Samurai army- some monks. Excuse the poor photo.

    Thanks for looking

    Guy Farrish

    Really nice.

    I had some 2 Dragons 15mm when Dixon’s had them but I decided I couldn’t find a good enough set of rules to match my vision of Age of Civil War battles, so I sold them. Now I’m beginning to regret it! Curse you!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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