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    Yes, I’m embarking on another long-term campaign project. I’m going to follow a fictional platoon of the French Foreign Legion in action against the Vietminh in northern French Indochina, generally west/northwest of Hanoi. I’ll be trying out “Troop, Weapons, and Tactics” for rules (but actually closer to platoon-level “I Ain’t Been Shot Mum” as I’m not clear on the ‘Tactical Initiative’ concept and really don’t understand the point, which is not a shot at the authors, merely a paen to my own thickness), and playing solo using Joe Legan’s “Platoon Forward” system which, after years of using pieces of it, I’m finally committing to going for it full bore with Platoon Forward as written.

    This is a Legion platoon, of course, because… why not!? They’ll have a native born French (as in, born in the actual country France) platoon commander, and everyone else will be foreigners, but rather than a bunch of European castaways I’m throwing in a bunch of, essentially, Colonial troops, because I want to ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m also basically using American ranks, because I don’t feel like worrying about stuff like Caporal and Ajutant, and I added a platoon Guide because I’m worried about not having enough Big Men once the shooting starts and the platoon begins taking casualties. I’m also setting up both the French and the Vietminh with 10-man squads with a squad leader, a rifle group of six men, and a gun group of three men, because it’s easier for me.

    In any case, you’re not here for all that nonsense, you’re here to see all the beautiful troops from Eureka Minis, so let’s get to it!

    So here’s the whole mess. Oh, yeah, there’s more than just the troops (everyone is at left), there’s also some rice paddies from Battlefront and some markers for Platoon Forward I made.

    Some Frenchmen advancing, M-1 Carbines at the ready.

    A couple officer-types, with MAT-49s.

    A pair of Vietminh riflemen.

    And a bazooka team.

    If you read my ‘Two Brothers’ batreps you’ve seen these rice paddies, but I decided to put some grass on them to spruce them up a bit.

    And for you guys that use Platoon Forward, I took some poker chips and made some markers.

    To see a bunch more pics of all this stuff, please check the blog at:

    And then, for Christmas I went and got myself a bunch of jungle terrain off of Ebay.

    Here’s a shot with some 15mm troops to show you the size/scale.

    To see more pics, please visit the blog at:

    Well, everything is set, so here’s to hoping I can carve out some time and actually play a game sometime soon.


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