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    Keeping it rolling with some Aussies, for my guys Shaun and Jimmi down under (undah?). I had bougt some Aussies and Brits off a gentleman on Ebay and from Gajo Minis, in the hopes of filling out my forces for the Western Desert, and ended up having more than I needed, so I decided to take the extras and see if I couldn’t scrape out an Aussie (or even British) force for use in the Pacific. I’m not really happy with the fact I painted their bases a desert yellow, I wish I’d gone with a medium shade of brown, but the problem is I’d already done my US Marines and Japanese with sand-colored bases, which is good for those tropical, desert-isles, but not so good for the lush jungles of New Guinea, Bougainville, Malaya, etc… In any case, that’s what I did, and that’s what I’ve got, so I’m happy with the force, other than that.

    These guys were already painted, except it was for the desert, so I actually conscripted my 12-year old son to help me modify them a bit and paint their bases. He did a good job, despite how long it took him, and I just came in and polished them off (sanded the ones that needed to be sanded, applied the inkwash, applied the static grass, and did the matt spray).

    Here’s the entire force, consisting of:
    -A Commanding Officer
    -An Executive Officer or Forward Observer, depending on my needs
    -Four Rifle Platoons consisting of three sections and a Platoon Commander (PC)
    -An MG Platoon consisting of three Vickers MGs
    -A Mortar Platoon consisting of three 3″ tubes

    Yeah, it’s smaller than my other forces, and doesn’t have enough command stands, but hey, it was scratched together from leftovers ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Colonel R.E.C. “Jock” Kuppenleiter, from The Outback, of course.

    Some Diggers, with slouch hats on display.

    A Vickers MG team laying down streams of lead.

    And a 3″ mortar team.

    To see more pics, please check the blog at:

    So that’s them. A decent little force, I hope to get some use out of them, just gotta find time to get through all the campaigns I have planned. More forces on the way.


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