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    Continuing with my ‘airborne’ theme, let me present my Fallschirmjaeger force, based for temperate climes (if you missed my desert FJ, they are here: BlackHawkHet: 15mm WWII German Fallschirmjaeger for North Africa, Sicily, and Italy) climes, such as France and the Low Countries, Normandy, and the Eastern Front (though I don’t much about FJ on the Eastern Front, have to do some research).

    I bought this force pretty much in its entirety off a gentleman on Ebay, and he did a fantastic job. The only things I painted completely myself were the MG Platoon and the truck on the Commander’s stand. Having said that, I didn’t completely get off the hook: they were based for the Med (Tunisia, Sicily, Italy), and they were in appropriate uniforms. Well, I already had FJ for the Med, so I had to repurpose these. All the trousers and most of the helmets had to be repainted, I put a simple camo brown on the gray-green smocks, and I had to knock the clump foliage off the bases, paint over the sand with brown earth, and add static grass, so a fair amount of work on my part, but it was worth it and I’m very happy how they turned out.

    The entire force, comprised of:
    -A Command Stand
    -An Executive Officer (XO, or 2iC) stand
    -Six Rifle Platoons (three sections and a Platoon Commander, or PC)*
    -An MG Platoon (four MG-42s and a PC)
    -A Mortar Platoon (four 8.0cm tubes and a PC)
    -An Anti-Tank Gun Platoon (four 3.7cm PaK-36s with Stielgranate)

    The back side of a command stand, showing off the camo.

    A closeup look at how to make sure your assistant gunner’s brains are churned into chowder… A cool pose, nonetheless.

    A good look at one of the 8.0cm mortar teams.

    To see a bunch more photos, please check the blog at:

    So, there they are. Whaddaya think? I know I’m a goober, but I love how they turned out, and can’t wait to get them on the table. Of course, I always say that, and it appears I’m working up to more forces than I could ever hope to get on the table in one lifetime, but c’est la vie (la guerre?), I’m having a great time and will soon have a pretty good handle on doing any campaign in WWII that interests me.

    More on the way!


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