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    So, hot on the heels of seeing my Soviets for fighting in urban areas, I present to you their German counterparts. This is a great looking force, but only because I had nothing to do with it! As I mentioned in my last post, I’d been messing around, trying to figure out an urban basing scheme, but wasn’t happy with anything I’d come up with, and I was talking about it with my buddy AJ and he said he had a great scheme for urban basing. I’d already painted the Soviets, but all I’d done with the Germans was deflashed them and glued them on bases. In any case, I boxed it all up and sent the mess to AJ, so in this case, I actually didn’t do a damned thing, he painted and based the in their entirety. And I’m sure glad he did 😉

    The German Commanding Officer, looking like he just stepped out of the movie “Stalingrad.” I love the paintjob AJ put on these guys, and the basing is awesome, too.

    A look at one of the rifle stands. This is my favorite group, firing the MG from a drum while another dude tosses one of those grenade bundles.

    Another rifle stand, this time with the MG-42 over his shoulder, advancing.

    An MG-42 in the sustained fire role.

    And a squad laying down fire with its MG-42 as another advances the gun. Not too bad looking, right?

    To see a whole lot more pics, please visit the blog at:

    Anyway, that’s my German force to square off against the Soviets, in what I hope conjures up visions of Stalingrad. The mat purchase was definitely a gamble, but I hope it works, and I’m scared to mess with trying to put any colors on it to mute the orange, I’d probably completely screw it up and destroy the mat and be stuck with nothing that comes close to approximating a bombed-out urban environment that matches my basing scheme.

    In any case, one more set of urban-based troops to show you. Actually, two, but the second isn’t finished yet, so stay tuned!


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