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    So I’ve been showing off my 15mm stuff, and part of it is a new mat I bought from War Sigil. This is the third mat I’ve gotten from them, and they are fantastic, very good quality, nice size, decent price, and great texture. Please understand that what you’re about to see is probably going to throw you for a bit of a loop, and it may not work out as well as I’d hoped it would…

    Here it is with some bombed out buildings on it. To see some more pics, please take a look here:

    Now for the main event: So here’s the first ‘urban’ force I want to show you, my Soviets. I had tried several different ‘urban’ basing schemes and didn’t like any of them, and I was talking to my buddy AJ, and he said he’s got it down pat. I’d already painted up my Soviets, so I just boxed them up (and some Germans, which you’ll see in the next post) and sent them to AJ, asking him to work his magic and base them up for me.

    I’m very happy with how they turned out, and they do a pretty good job of matching the mat I bought. Them not matching perfectly is not AJ’s fault at all, I actually bought the mat while he was still doing the painting and basing.

    So here’s the whole force, comprised of:
    -A Commanding Officer stand
    -A Forward Observer stand
    -Six Rifle Platoons (three squads and a Platoon Commander -PC-, each)
    -An MG Platoon (three Maxim guns)
    -A Mortar Platoon (three 120mm mortars)
    -An Anti-Tank Gun (ATG) Platoon (three 45mm guns)
    -An Artillery Platoon (two 122mm howitzers)
    -Three 50mm mortar teams
    -Three PTRD Anti-Tank Rifle (ATR) teams
    -Three Flamethrower Teams

    A pair of Soviet rifle command stands. When you get in close, the basing works pretty well on the mat, I think.

    Some rifle stands.

    A couple Maxim machine guns.

    And a couple stands fighting amongst the rubbled out landscape of Stalingrad, maybe?

    To view bunch more pictures, please check the blog at:

    So there it is, for better or worse, my concept for pulling off some WWII fighting in bombed out cities (or on the surface of Mars). Next, we get ze Chermans!



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