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    G’day Gents,

    Just letting everyone know that Siege Works Studios has just uploaded a huge amount of playtest lists for Koenig Krieg including Jacobites, AWI, FIW, WAS Dutch, French, British-Allied, Spanish, Russian, Prussian, Austrian as well as Piedmont-Sardinia, Naples, Minor Italian States like Modena and Genoa, Persians, Indians and Durrani (Afghans).

    All lists are available for download and playtesting from the Koenig Krieg Facebook page, (you need to be a Facebook member to download). https://www.facebook.com/groups/964076337002328/?ref=bookmarks

    For those Koenig Krieg enthusiasts not yet connected to social media (Facebook) and still wanting to contribute, please email Drew at [email protected] and ask about the lists and how you can help with playtesting.



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