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    I got hooked on doing 1877 Turks, figuring at 15mm they were close enough for the Crimea too. I asked 19th Century Miniatures (AKA Old Glory 15s) if I could get some samples. Indeed I could and that helped make up my mind to order their Rank & File 15mm Turks. While painting up the infantry, I noticed one pack was short 5 infantry, 1 officer and 1 standard bearer. I sent off an email but didn’t notice that I’d sent it to the other Old Glory company, the one that also sells Blue Moon. In the fullness of time they answered and said I had the wrong company. My bad, so I apologized and sent an email off the the correct outfit. Then I went out of town for a couple weeks. I started to wonder about no email response.

    When I got home, the missing figures were in my mailbox. Can’t say enough about their customer service. All the infantry is painted up and based. The artillery is primed, waiting to go. Next up, the cavalry.

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