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    The Austrians attempted two river crossings but were confronted by substantial French Forces at both.

    Lannes’s aggressively pushed his lead division against the Austrian grenadiers guarding the southern crossing in a series of hard charges, this eventually drove back the front line but the Austrian grenadiers, supported by a line division were able to retake the ground and Lannes was not able to push through.

    At the northern crossing, Vandamme confronted the Austrians after they’d already made a bridgehead. While the Austrian avant garde, supported by a hussar brigade was able to drive back his supporting brigade, his lead elements of infantry and chasseurs à cheval were able to bottle up Hiller’s line division inside the town and the Austrians were compelled to withdraw back across the river.

    More details and lots of photos documenting the action can be found in our Gallery.

    Rules were ESR Second Edition. Figures were featured from our new ESR Napoleonics Box Sets, and terrain was by Battlescale.


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