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    Jim Jackaman

    Back in the late 30’s my grandfather flew Hawker Harts with 39 Squadron over the North West Frontier.

    So, I’d like to have a crack at some skirmish games involving platoon level+ policing actions in Waziristan. This would involve some Airfix Hawker Harts for air policing in 1/72nd scale flying over the scenery to drop bombs on the Wali of Swat and his revolting tribes.

    I could do this in 28mm using converted Perry 8th army plastics and those really nice Jazz Age Imperialism Pathans, but I want to go up to company level so 20mm or 25mm makes more sense.

    Any suggestions for suitable figures? The usual WW1 stuff might do for the British and Indian army troops but the ‘bad guys’ of the Fakir of Ipi’s forces would need bolt action rifles etc.

    Thanks for your help.


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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 7 months ago by Jim Jackaman.

    There are a number of plastic 1/72 figure sets made for the NW Frontier in the 1880s. Quality varies, but you could prolly make up a force of 1930s Afghans with some effort. The sets of British figures on the NW Frontier page might be too early for your project, but there are plenty of Desert Rats sets in tin hats and shorts listed on Plastic Soldier Review:


    True 25mm Ral Partha colonials can be ordered from Star Books & Games [email protected]. These are sculpted for the 1880s, I doubt there are any 1930s British in the line, but one never knows. Postage from the USA might be a concern.

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    Jim Jackaman

    Thanks for the ideas.

    I’d prefer metal to plastic but it’s a fall back. The trouble is most colonial stuff is too early. The Pathans need Lee Enfields as well as jezails and other obsolete rifles and the British need India Pattern Topees rather than pith helmets, which is a real stumbling block.

    The current plan is to head swap some Perry Miniatures 8th army with Indian Pattern topees and/or some turbans for the Indian troops. This means going 28mm rather than 20mm, so limiting the scale of the skirmish to platoon or less.

    I was wondering what the Tumbling Dice WW1 range was like? How does it match with the Newline Design 20mm range, as that has some suitable Afghan tribal figures that I could use?




    Certainly got the British and Indian Army troops covered……..

    have reckon that the Tumbling Dice miniatures are slight in comparison to other ranges, more akin to early Airfix 1/76th. Newline Designs fit well with other ’20mm’ metals and have a sale on at the moment too!

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    Jim Jackaman


    Thanks for the tip. The Indian Army figures look ideal.

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