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    Angel Barracks

    A look back at 2017.

    The Wargames Website grew in terms of people visiting.

    From just under 3000 unique visits in January to almost 4500 unique visits in December, this strikes me as a pretty significant growth.
    Thanks everyone for posting here and telling the rest of the gaming world about this great community of ours.
    Let us see what we can do in 2018!

    Angel Barracks, despite almost no new products last year carried on steadily in terms of sales.

    Crom’s Anvil was launched in 2017 and last year I added 40 products to the site.
    I am aiming to make 2018 see 52 products added, which will be a challenge but hopefully sales will continue to grow and allow even cooler 15mm fantasy to be forged.
    Thanks for your support everyone!

    Going back to Angel Barracks, I plan to start work on the Off World section of the site, which will have models that do not fit in with the fluff of Kometenmelodie.

    First up I am thinking of some desert style buildings, kind of like the Crom’s Anvil style meets the Junkers.
    Bits of stone, mud, clay, space ship hull and scrap forged into a mish mash that could be Post Apoc, Junkers, Orcs, anything that is a bit fringe planet in feel.

    Anywho, thanks again and hope to see you soon!*

    *whatever that means…?


    Encouraging news!



    Ivan Sorensen

    Huzzah and all the best for the new year 🙂

    Nordic Weasel Games

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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