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    <b>In response to a friend’s mass email I posted this as a 2017 roadmap:</b>

    Rather than steal your mailing list, Dave, I thought I would write this up, add my mailing list, and let you forward it to your contacts.

    So, what flights of fancy do I have for 2017? Here is a Baker’s dozen in no particular order:

    1) Play test some miniatures sports rules for someone.

    2) Currently I am working on assembling Eureka “Knights” to have painted so I can run a “Joust” by THW game at Die Con 2017.

    3) I am currently painting and want to finish some 15/18mm houses for terrain, some 15mm Pulp figures, some 15mm VSF figures, some 15/18mm Fantasy figures, and some 15/18mm Science Fiction figures.

    4) I am getting my 6mm and 3mm (former all and latter all my non-aerial, see number 7,) figures in Kaiser Rushforth storage boxes. Painting them is a 2018 goal.

    5) I am ” that close” to completing the collection of my legacy Ral Partha 1970s and Der Kriegspieler 25mm fantasy Dwarf and Goblin/Lesser Orc armies and hope to finish those. Hopefully the last 25/28mm figures I will buy.

    6) I want to paint and get painted more 15/18mm Historical, Science Fiction and Fantasy figures.

    7) want to paint and get painted the rest of my 3mm aircraft.

    8) I want to paint and get painted more of my 6mm figures.

    9) I want to paint and get painted more of my 25mm legacy armies.

    10) I want to receive all my 2016 KS figures (especially looking at you, Reaper, for Bones 3, but there are others.)

    11) Start saving $$$ to attend the 2018 SYW convention in Janice’s home town of South Bend, IN.

    12) Decide what size/scale figures to buy in 2018 for the WSS armies I fantasize about currently.

    13) Play more games.

    That should keep me busy


    You need to be banished to the island of misfit wargamers!

    But… this is the island of misfit wargamers 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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