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    Richard Baber

    Well 31 of them anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

    Roughly enough figures for an infantry company under our rules.
    But these will actually be divided up among my 8th Army figures to create a more “Anzac” look – I will have about a battalions worth all together.

    A mix of Britannia and Wartime Miniatures with a few from Stronghold Miniatures and odds`n sods out of the bits box.

    Boys AT rifle team – built out of odds`n sods with a gun from the bits box

    Britannia 2″ mortar team

    Various Wartime Miniatures

    Various Britannia Miniatures

    L-R 2xBritannia, Stronghold (head-swapped)

    L-R Stronghold (head-swop + rifle), Britannia officer, Stronghold (added rifle)

    L-R Britannia RTO; Wartime officer, Stonghold officer. Stronghold RTO (head-swapped)

    2/6th Australian Cavalry (divisional cavalry for 7 div)

    2 off Lancer Miniatures Vickers light tank Mk VIb (commander Matchbox from the LRDG set)

    Britannia bren carrier

    PSC carrier straight off the spur, new heads for the crew lots of stowage.

    Complete unit

    + Bruce

    Angel Barracks

    I do like desert style stuff.
    I am also a sucker for the Bren carrier, it seems totally bonkers and unsafe to me, much like the Jackal the British Army uses now, but then to be fair I know naff all about warfare in the grand scheme of things.

    PSC do nice stuff.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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