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    piers brand

    BEF for Battlegroup Blitzkrieg;





    Figures are Blitz Miniatures with some SHQ and a single FAA figure.








    duc de limbourg

    I know I want to wargame ww2 and because the terrain we have is in 28mm scale I think that it will be in that scale, but everytime I see your figures, tanks, terrain and boards I am doubting.

    Always great to see, thanks (  ) for the continuing uncertainty which scale to use.


    Beautifully  painted as usual Piers, the only true scale for WW2 gaming is 20mm, 1/72, 1/76.  I know 1/300 you can get lots of tanks in the same space, but for me its the 20mm scale.  I suppose its a hangover from the sixties when all that was available were Airfix, Roco etc.

    Yes there are some lovely figures and models in other scales but with several thousand 20mm WW2 figures and 1200+ tanks, vehicles what other scale could I promote.  I have got bolt action set of rules which I intended to play in 2omm as I just can’t be bothered to paint 28mm / 1/56th figures or vehicles (that scale is for 18th century or medieval).

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    I want to come and play at your house Piers!

    piers brand

    Well Mike if ye fancy a weekend gaming in Ireland, feel free! We could do an article on a weekend of games for a wargames mag and promote the forum!


    Cheers chaps, glad ye like them. Very personal project for me, my Grandfather and his twin brother were both in the Royal West Kents in 1940 and escaped via Dunkirk.

    piers brand

    Changed the helmet colour to a more accurate one…


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