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    Avatar photopiers brand

    Well it took about a month from start to finish (which annoyingly overlapped with a three week project in the day job that had me out on the road) but its done! The pictures are a bit poor… but if you want to see what they really look like come and see the demo game at Battlegroup South in Bovington Tank Museum on 1st &2nd July!

    Its ok… I only started building the demo table last night.

    Figures by AB Figures and Blitz Miniatures, jeeps by Italeri and Airfix (converted to airborne spec), Carrier by PSC (also converted to airborne specs) and converted up airborne trailer!

    Avatar photoThuseld

    Stunning miniatures as per standard.

    Avatar photoJohnny Plywood

    They really do look lovely!  AB figures are superb – you pay a bit more for quality – and your painting skills are, as always, excellent.  Wish I was going to Bovy!

    Avatar photoIain Fuller

    Cracking as usual Piers, AB and Blitz are my two favourite manufacturers for 20mm WW2. Shame I can’t make it to Bovvy this weekend as I was there last Saturday but we hope to put a game on there next year.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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