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    Avatar photokyoteblue

    Why doesn’t this board get more use ??? I do plan to get into 15mm SciFi gaming later this year with 5 PFH .

    Avatar photoMike

    A lot of the 15mm sci-fi guys prefer Facebook so use that instead.

    Avatar photoRhoderic

    I’ve said it before on another forum, but I’m very disheartened by the fact that the 15mm sci-fi community seems to be mass-migrating from the “forumsphere” to Facebook. I don’t use Facebook and don’t want to. The notion that I “ought to” be on Facebook is… provoking, like I no longer have a choice in the matter. Like opting out of Facebook is tantamount to opting out of the online community altogether.

    Was it the Khurasan scandal (and Khurasan’s subsequent move from forums to Facebook) that was the final nail in the coffin? I know the group had a strong gravitational pull before that, but it can’t have helped.

    Avatar photoAngel Barracks

    I am not a big fan of FB.
    It has its uses and it is easy being on my phone and what not, but I find forums to be a better resource.
    They tend to have longer posts, and are much easier to navigate and to find things you saw a while ago.
    I have given up counting how many times I saw something on FB and have been unable to find it again.

    Also forums are more of a community, we have all scales/genres/periods and indeed platforms here.
    If I was only on FB, it would be mostly the 6mm groups and that would mean missing out on all of the other cool stuff that is on here.

    Avatar photosoldado


    I guess after the troubles over at the other place(s) new smaller forums popped up and groups split up a bit more with the majority heading to facebook. shame really althiugh I was never a  big poster elsewhere I did (and still do, although there is less) enjoy seeing what others post of their projects.

    As for the evil empire of face book I lurk and view a select few pages but will never sign up for an account.




    Avatar photokyoteblue

    I was just wondering as we have all these 15mm SciFi figures released on the main page it would just seem to me, that it would generate more topics and posts here.

    Avatar photoRhoderic

    I think the manufacturers make a point of announcing their new releases everywhere they can. The fanbase at large seems to have chosen Facebook as the primary place to respond to said announcements. That’s the strength of FB: It’s an easy place for manufacturers to upload pics and just say “Look what we made!”, and for fans to just reply “Like!”. When no deeper discussion is needed, FB excels. I suspect it kills some of the proper back-and-forth, though.

    IMO, what we need is for the 15mm sci-fi community to become less fixed on simply orbiting the manufacturers and showering them with likes (which is good for Facebook), and more orientated toward actually talking about their own projects and games (which is good for forums). We need more discussion to the effect of “I want to game spaceship boarding actions in 15mm, any suggestions?”, and “Check out this 15mm sci-fi jungle guerrilla base I just built”, and “Clash on the Fringe AAR, Crusties vs Sahadeen”, and so forth. I myself am remiss in this respect. I have three 15mm sci-fi projects and they’re all going at a crawl for the time being.

    Admittedly there’s quite a lot of creative endeavours by 15mm sci-fi gamers/hobbyists being shown off in the blogosphere, and I’ve noticed some discussion going in the comments sections of some of the blogs. Generally, the medium of blogging seems to be particularly popular with the 15mm sci-fi crowd.

    The upshot is that forums seem to simply be losing out 

    Avatar photoEtranger

    I’m in a quiet period currently but I do post as things are completed.

    Can’t stand FB myself…..

    Avatar photoMartinR

    As noted above, FB seems to be where it is at for wargaming these days, but in the main it is just another aspect  of the fragmentation of markets into thousands/millions of small sub-markets.





    "Mistakes in the initial deployment cannot be rectified" - Helmuth von Moltke

    Avatar photoIvan Sorensen

    I agree with Rhoderic that we need more Clash on the Fringe AAR’s 🙂

    A lot of times, these things just get defined by wherever got there first.

    Avatar photoEli Arndt

    The Facebook group exists not because of the expectation that folks should be on FB but because, as mentioned, a large core of very vocal 15mm players already existed there. Nobody should HAVE to be on any board, FB, here, or otherwise.

    Much of the FB group growth, as I understand it,  stemmed from growing disappointment in TMP. I realize that this forum was also created out of that very same frustration but, let’s face it, a lot of people already have FB accounts and it is an easy migration. An added benefit of the FB group is reduced anonymity. There simply isn’t as much false face presence there.

    I am not trying to sway anyone’s minds here. If you prefer The Wargames Website, then use it. Please use it. A lot of work went into making it happen. I will say that much less of the FB group’s activity is manufacturer driven than you might think. There is regular discussion of the hobby and sharing of projects there.

    I would say that the players are going to be the best folks to grow this forum. Post here. Direct people here. Link to posts here. Really keep the dialog going. As one of the manufacturers out there (Loud Ninja Games) I can say it’s tough trying to post to every corner of the internet. FB accounts for a huge amount of my traffic, so I cannot ignore it. TMP still accounts for much of it. We may miss one now and again, so if we do, drop us a line and I’m sure we can make sure to post something up HERE. It may be a cut and paste of something you saw someplace else, but news pieces tend to be that way.




    Avatar photowillz

    Apparently as I do not do Facebook several people who know me thought I was dead.  So I guess I will remain dead and continue to sing the praises of all forms of gaming related topics on this excellent forum.


    I do 15mm and will post a lot of it here (as I also watch the ad’s on the front page.) once I get my A into G. Looked at the 15mm facebook page but just seemed like a platform for adverts and noise like TMP was.


    Avatar photoshelldrake

    As noted above, FB seems to be where it is at for wargaming these days, but in the main it is just another aspect of the fragmentation of markets into thousands/millions of small sub-markets. Cheers Martin

    Yep – I think this is one of the reasons my zombie wargame forum is going the way of the dead too.

    Avatar photoDon Glewwe

    Dunno…said it before and I’ll say it again:

    There’s no such thing as “XX-mm” gaming, and specific forums/boards/sites/whatever serve best for the dissemination and discussion of scale-specific figures and/or terrain (though either -and especially the latter- stands on very weak ground), but I don’t see how a XX-mm gamer couldn’t profit from seeing posts from other scales.



    Avatar photoLagartija Mike

    Facebook, despite it’s apparent ubiquity, is a dying medium and never one, I think, really suitable for long-form posts. I’m no fan of 15mm and smaller scales but I’d rather see all scales and all periods represented on an ecumenical forum than the current centrifugal pressure into smaller and more isolated ghettos. The hobby was never big and may be declining in absolute numbers, we need the cross polination and frission that comes with a vital forum culture.

    Avatar photoAngel Barracks

    From a business point of view I feel that FB is a bad deal.
    The FB algorithms are known for not showing your news to everyone that follows your business page.
    I think it is about 25% of your followers that see your news, could be wrong there, but it is pretty close IIRC.
    Boosting a FB post can cost between £3.00 and £130.00 per post.

    What it does if I understand correctly, is pushes your boosted post onto your followers news streams, which to be fair, as they are your followers, they should be getting anyway.
    You can also have it pushed onto the news streams of your followers friends, the logic being that your follower’s friends would like the subject matter too.

    I tried it.
    I got more views, more likes but no more clicks to my website.

    Imagine posting news here on the front page or in the forums but the website software blocking 75% of the members from actually seeing it.

    So what most people do is join a specialist group related to their main subject matter, such as say 6mm sci-fi, and post under their own name rather than post a business.
    That way everyone in the group gets to see the news.
    Just like in a forum.

    Only I find forums much easier to navigate and to search under.
    I also prefer that the subject matter is not just 6mm sci-fi which is my main interest.

    Forums also tend to have general chatter that is more universal in appeal than a specific scale/genre.

    Also, you are unlikely to tempt someone not into a specific scale/genre by posting in a group that only talks about the said subject.
    There is no-one there to convince to try your preferred field as they already play it.

    FB works for some not all.
    I prefer here.

    Avatar photowillz

    . I prefer here. 

    Here Here.

    Avatar photoSpurious

    I actually have a 15mm project cooking up currently but due to reasons it is slow going so there really isn’t much to post, not even work-in-progress stuff.

    As for facebook, it’s handy but I find it hell to follow any reasonably active group, and thats despite being pretty much surgically attached to a computer. Plus to dig stuff out again to refer to later is awkward. Good for a quick ‘look at wot I dun’, but far less useful for repeated reference. Which is a shame because sometimes people put up really good blocks of info and I wish they’d archive them on a blog or forum as well. Sure, you can search stuff but that is far more hassle to search through than a well tagged blog or clearly labelled forum post in an appropriate section.

    I agree with Rhoderic that we need more Clash on the Fringe AAR’s

    Be careful what you wish for…

    Though I might need to pick your brain for how to stat up a conversion beamer and rules for setting things on fire at some point.

    Avatar photoJohn Treadaway

    To use a phrase from that philosopher of note Peter Griffin from Family Guy “Face book can kiss the fattest part of my…” well you can guess the rest

    I have been resisting the draw of lining Mr Zuckerberg’s pockets for many years now and I will try very hard to continue to do so: I don’t care for the degree of data mining and theft of my property (images etc) that goes on there, which is why I also don’t have any Apple products any more (got rid of my last Mac desktop a decade ago and the phones and pads are hilariously proprietary so they can shove them, I’m afraid) .

    I have promised that the next Slammers thing I do in 15mm will be posted right here (though I’ll probably do TMP as well, to be honest) but…well, here’s  minor scoop: I was talking to Tony at Brigade Games today and we were discussing his company releasing specific army packs for Slammers forces (in fact he reminded me that we’d discussed it some months ago) so he plans to do just that.

    There ya go: 15mm news here first, before anywhere else and never to be seen on Facebook.

    John T

    John Treadaway


    "They don't have to like us, snake, they just have t' make the payment schedule" Lt Cooter - Hammer's Slammers
    Avatar photoRosebud

    I  have been spending a fair amount on a 15mm Sci-Fi project that seems to expand all the time but wild horses wouldn’t drag me over to Facebook. I’ll look for info from manufacturers, gamers, painters, modellers etc  here and on TMP. If I miss out on something that’s my lookout. (Oh, and I won’t be purchasing anything from Khurasan – that’s my choice too.

    Avatar photoArmiesArmy

    Ill go with that


    my next release will be here first!





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