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    Paul Howarth

    Searching for inspiration… I’m running a megagame in the autumn, set around the time of Belisarius’ invasion of Italy. That takes care of the wargamers, but for the characters playing the court in Constantinople I want them to have some entertainment in the form of chariot-racing at the Hippodrome. I’m working on the rules right now (need to play each race in around 5 minutes, tops), but am struggling to identify suitable chariots. Before I resort to foamboard, has anyone got any suggestions for plastic or metal, at least 28mm scale and available in the UK? Even toys would do.


    I have no idea what they look like sorry, but are these any use at all?


    Fredd Bloggs
    Rod Robertson

    Have a look at Essex 28mm Chariots. They have chariots from biblical times up to Roman times (but no actual Roman chariots per se).

    Also Wargames Foundry has some too.

    Cheers and good gaming.

    Rod Robertson.

    Norm S

    From memory I think Irregular Miniatures might do stuff for Circus Maximus.

    Paul Howarth

    Many thanks chaps. I saw the Italeri ones thanks Fredd – I’m after 8 though so at that price a little steep. I’ll check out the Essex line too Rod, although Mike, you may have solved my problem. I have a load of spare horses lying around.

    Michael Curtis

    1st Corps do Persian and Successor scythed chariots that might work.


    Sane Max

    Roman Racing chariots were Quadriga, and I cannot think of anyone else making those in 28mm

    They are quite a basic construction, If you have access to some usable wheels it might actually be quicker to make them.

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