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    I have just completed a listing of all the manufacturers of WW1 28mm figures that I could find.

    I have listed them as the various makers describe them, which can obviously be a bit inconsistent! But it does stop picky wargamers complaining that I have suggested they can use figure ‘X’ when clearly the ammo pouches are wrong!

    Anyway. If you want to buy, for example, early war Germans in spikey hats, this will tell you who makes them…




    Great work – thanks.

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    Sniffing out unpainted armies!

    Katie L

    Great List — bookmarked it for later…

    From the one I started doing, some possible additions:

    Copplestone makes Russians as well (In the RCW Range; the Reds should be same uniforms I believe).

    Renegade do Early War French, German, Brits, Austrians as well as Late British & Late Germans.

    Tiger Miniatures make Colonial Germans & natives and also Serbians and Turks and Montenegroans. (From the 1912-13 wars, but I think the uniforms/equipment are the same).


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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