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    First half of the Nefrandril Company is done.

    ”So is this a retaliatory expedition or a trip to the market for his nibs to pick up some local color?”

    ”Prince Tylani says that as long as we’re out here, we might as well ‘take the opportunity to increase our physical anthropological knowledge of local human societies’.”

    ”Bugger that. We’re wasting time. He’s madder than a box of spotted newts, that one is.”

    ”Some day he’s going to turn around and see you doing that, you know.”

    ”So? Piss on ‘im. What’s Tylani going to do? Exile me back down the hill?”

    ”Down the hill, yes, but not to Irunha. I hear Karn lost two more of her scouts. They were found nailed to a tree wearing their lungs as epaulets. There’s a career opportunity for you down in Bugburg with the White Company, my lad.”

    ”Hah! The daft cunt wouldn’t dare. My uncle back home would have a word with Her Madge, he would. Besides, isn’t that sort of shit what we have the Orphans for?”

    [Sigh] “Yes, the Orphans are our ‘human relations specialists’. But I note that your famous uncle couldn’t stop you from being posted here. And you’ll note that there are a number of purebloods in the Orphans‘ ranks. Unless you want to find yourself grooming monkeighs, I suggest you nod and smile whenever the Prince decides to tidy up a battlefield.”


    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!

    ian pillay

    Nice elves, I like the trophies. You wouldn’t normally associate those with elves, unless they are fallen elves of course. Not sure on the language used. That’s one that makes sailors blush!


    Tony S

    Very nicely done!  I finished a box of dwarves and goblin riders, but cheated miserably by using Little Big Men transfers for the dwarves.  (For the goblins I just painted the shields black and splattered blood over them, simple but effective and about my level of painting skill)!  The really nice thing about Oathmark is that you can take all the c0ol units you want, race be damned!

    But it looks like you’ve hand painted your shields?  Quite impressive and quite Elvenly.  Or possibly Yorkist…

    You’ve got an artist’s hand.   And speaking of, did you modify that one chap’s hand to giving the middle finger salute to his enemies?


    These guys are elves with attitude. And they aren’t trophies: Prince Tylani is an amateur anthropologist writing a monograph for the Royal Society. These are going into his collection. His squire is making sure everything is duly registered in his field journal.

    Strictly science, hey what?

    Tylani heartily agrees with you about the vulgar language, by the way. Unfortunately, he’s too busy picking out his next specimen to listen to the murmuring in the ranks. It’s been a very exciting day for him.

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!


    Yeah, Cancel Elf had his hand modified. I cut off the pointer finger from a pointing hand and remounted it as a middle finger. The company archers has an elf giving the two finger salute.

    This is my first 28mm project since 1996. In homage to the days when all you could get in terms of hobby supplies in Brazil were pirated GW figs (and even then they were rare), I am limiting myself here to only those things that can be bought in Brazil.

    Thankfully, the plastics revolution means figures can be imported at a reasonable price and are available online from local merchants. All the paints, however, are locally available craft paints and the flocking is either homemade or bought nationally. The flag was imported from Warflags, however.

    We have no decent transfers yet, so what I did here was buy nail stencils and use them on the shields.

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!


    Yeah, I like the shields. Great quality for craft paint.

    Tired is enough.
    R-rated narcissism


    I love the look of these Elves.  What an Elf is supposed to look like in my mind anyway.  None of this GW or Mantic high fantasy stuff.

    You did a beautiful job painting them!


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    --Abraham Lincoln

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