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    As the owner of Siege Works Studios 28mm SYW Hanoverian range, available in Australia/USA here  or through Caliver Books in the UK/EU here I am toying with the idea of launching a Kickstarter to expand the range. Who would be interested in such a kickstarter and what armies would you like to see represented? The Hanoverian range is very detailed and the other models would be of a similar quality as i have reliable sculptors, mold makers and my own spin-casting service so issues in pre-development and miniature production would not be an issue. I am very interested in peoples comments and responses on this topic.

    Cheers in advance


    Interesting idea, how does kick starter work?

    Myself personally would be interested in French 1730 – 1760 period, non turned back coats with and with out collars, turn backed coats with collars in the classic attack marching pose and or attacking, possibly shooting.  The figures would need to match in size and style RSM, Spencer Smith, Crann, Tara and Elite.  A lot to expect I know, but I am fussy .


    Figures in this style and movement, I know they are flats but the are all that are good in SYW style.


    William thank you for your suggestions, all grist for the mill. Do you know of the old Jackdaw range. We sell them here in Australia under the the new owners logo Left Bank Workshops. The French in this are quite exhaustive including the option to make the Dauphin regiment. I believe all your desires are covered by the French in this range 🙂 Not sure what the comparison between the others is though.


    Other suggestions have been Spanish, Portuguese, Papal States and Minor states like Brunswick and Reichs, what would be your thoughts on these?



    Cheers for your kind reply Drew, an interesting range.  I have not had the privilege of seeing them in the flesh yet.

    Colin Ashton

    I don’t think Jackdaw figures would fit in with the likes of RSM, Minden or Cran Tara. Very different in style.

    How about troops from the Reichsarmee. If you did Spanish you’d need to do Portugese.


    Thanks for that Colin, Yes there seems to be some interest in in Reichs and Spanish/Portuguese. The more people that make comments here the more likely I am to proceed with this.


    Lagartija Mike

    Papal States would be something I would definitely consider for purchase; any minor or obscure powers as a rule.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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