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    Mike Bravo Minis

    With apologies for the delayed hiatus here (lost password…), I am ridiculously proud (and rather excited) to announce that Mike Bravo Miniatures is open for business.   Our first releases are in production and therefore available for pre-order.

    Available are:

    • 28mm War Correspondents (4)
    • 28mm British Army (NI) (5)
    • 28mm Paramilitaries in Balaclavas (4)

    Pre-order status whilst waiting for stock to come online, which should be within 2 weeks.

    The Brits/Paramilitaries will tie in nicely with some new rules that have become available, ‘WINTER OF ’79 – LIVING ON THE FRONT LINE’ by Mark Hannam, Matthew Sparkes & Mike Bradford and released by Caliver/Partizan Press.  See here.

    So without further ado:

    War Correspondents

    British Army (NI)


    Following a little behind these will be:

    • Army Command & Support (Officer, Radio op with Sterling/SLR, GPMG, LMG)
    • Army firing poses (a further 3 poses)
    • Paramilitaries with Armalites, M60 and RPG

    Thereafter plans are afoot for further Army figures with Sterlings and Brownings, head variants (eg helmets, fusiliers, Scots), variants without flak vests, dog handler, medic, drivers and more.  Also RUC/mainland police, and more generic civilians and plain clothed types.

    Also heading into the release cycle over the next Month will be the first packs of our 1980s Cold War US and 2006 era IDF.

    See our blog for more details/pictures of the future releases.


    Mike Bravo Miniatures

    Steve Evans

    If you wish to see all of these great models in the flesh, so to speak they will be on display at Overlord this weekend Sunday 6th

    Look for Battle Studios.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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