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    Avatar photoKen


    A few weeks ago I posted a plea on some of the gaming sites to get some suggestions for my WW1 Mesopotamia collection Cavalry.

    On of the names that came up was Irregular Miniatures who I didn’t even know did WW1 stuff, I bought a few and here are the results.

    A big discussion and lots of comparison photos on the link above. Love to hear your thoughts.

    Regards Ken
    The Yarkshire Gamer


    Avatar photoTony S

    I once heard Irregular described as “cheap and cheerful”.  Really can’t think of a better description!  It’s hard to pass up on their price, and – more so for 15mm & 10mm – the ability to buy exactly the number and type of figures you want.  Years ago a friend ordered some Irregular, long before the internet, just to see what they looked like.  He was so disgusted at the rough and ready nature of the castings that he gave them away to another friend.  That second friend promptly painted them up, and when he brought them in, the first fellow who had originally bought them wanted to know what company made them!  They looked so much better when painted.

    I don’t mind Irregular at all, especially their later ranges.  The sculpting has greatly improved in the last 39 years!

    I’m always amazed at how size differences tend to disappear once they are all put out on the table, and gaming has begun.  Mind you, when figure size is rather extreme, I do tend to keep them in a separate unit.  Or use lots of shims under the base.   I think we all tend to judge size during a game by the distance between head and table.

    Personally I think your figures look great Ken!   I’d happily use them, but then again, I’m rather a “thrifty” sort.

    Avatar photovtsaogames

    Mid way through a game I find that any unit that has not yet been shot up looks good.

    It's never too late to have a happy childhood

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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