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    Hi all,
    A bit of a write up on our first crack at a decent size game of the current main project. Bit of a discussion on our card activation system based on poker. So if you know when to hold’em or alternatively know when to fold’em this could be for you.

    Lots of pics for those who dont like reading as well.

    Enjoy, Ken


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    Hi Tim,

    No worries, its sometimes not that easy to visualise stuff from a written report.

    The winner of the initiative will have scored a value higher than his opponent on 2d6 (+ or – any modifiers) that value will be between 3 and 12. Lets call it intiative score (IS) and as an example lets say the winner rolls an 8, from this score 2 is deducted, so the IS is now 6 in our example. This forms the basis for the remainder of the turn, everytime an action is completed eg placing a card from the hand into the flop, after that card is played the player with initiative must roll 2d6 to keep the initiative. He must roll equal or more than the current IS value.

    Using the example above and the one on the blog. The Italian player has initiative, he wishes to move his Siclia Infantry 6 card and swap its place in the flop with the Allied Recon card, this will enable him to get the Infantry into better cover before the Recon fire at him. He moves his figures to safety, he now must roll 2d6 and equal or beat the current IS, in our case 6. If he does he will keep the initiative and the IS will move to 7, next time he does another action he must roll and beat or equal a 7 which then goes to 8 and so on. If he fails the initiative passes to the other player.

    The reason 2 is deducted from the initial initiative score is to take into account rolls of 12 to win initiative, reducing the IS to 10 gives you a chance, all be it slim, to use some initiative that move.

    Hope that explains it, it does sound like it’s quite complicated, but when you play it its easy to pick up. We use an ‘Initiative Holder’ card and a d12 to keep track of who has initiative and what the IS is.

    Cheers, Ken


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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