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    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez

    The Successful Wargame Returns. Prepare To Fight In World War II.

    Allies arrive on the Frontline: Romania, France, Canada, Australia, Hungary, Thailand and many more nations join 2GM Tactics and its expansions.

    The series is growing!

    Two new expansions join 2GM Tactics, now in its 3rd edition. You will also have the opportunity to get its core box, 2GM Tactics Deluxe.
    And the campaign book, as a gift!

    A complete deck of French units for your games. With emblematic units like the Renault R-35, or the Somua S-35, as well as generals like De Gaulle or Gamelin to lead your troops.

    Total War
    Expand your armies with new nations and reinforce existing ones with new cards.
    Units specific to these nations: Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, China, Thailand, Hungary, Romania and Croatia. In addition, Militias and partisans, as well as reinforcement units for USA, Germany, Itaila, United Kingdom, Soviet Union, Japan and France.

    The core game box will also be available in this crowdfunding campaign, in the European Theater: 2GM Tactics.

    Throughout the campaign, we expect to unlock many Stretch Goals, which we are not going to reveal yet, but we are sure you are going to love them.

    New to the 2GM Tactics series?
    In the campaign you will find different levels of contribution, whether you only want the new expansions, or if you have just discovered this tactical game with cards.

    Take a look:

    Avatar photoLuis Hernandez

    A great first week!
    The first week of the campaign has gone very well, we have already unlocked 10 SG’s!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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