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    The engagement opened well for the Austrians as their lead hussar brigade sucker punched a ployed French infantry division throwing it back on its heals. However, the French countered by striking the baggage of the hussars and while the Austrians were victorious in both minor actions, their hussars were in tough shape and they quickly lost the initiative.

    The French acted decisively to isolate a single Austrian corps as a second French corps arrived and took the heat off the first, it was downhill from there for the Austrians…

    The rest of the actions and a lot more photos are available in our Gallery.

    Rules were ESR Second Edition.
    Figures are from our newly released ESR Box Sets.
    Buildings from the Battlescale line.

    The game involved four players running two-three divisions each and ran for approximately 3 hours. Unfortunately for the Austrians the French victory was rather decisive.


    The Bandit

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