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    Arriving from the distant depths of pre-lockdown history with less warning than a new taylor Swift album release, these 3 Madaxeman.com “Doubles” match reports finally emerge into the light of day blinking as furiously as an Amish buggy’s indicators with a flat battery.

    The mighty forces of Persia ride across the North American plain and engage in wanton warfare in the bowels of the Cold Wars 2020 auditorium against the Classical Indians, the 100YW French and Alexander the Great.

    There are beers, maps, pizza slices and almnost certainly a foot-long hotdog in these American-tastic 3 widescreen 20 Floz match reports with a side of fries and a portion of salsa.

    Let’s make Wargaming face-to-face Great again with these 3 Madaxeman.com “Doubles” match reports

    see more of this rubbish at www.madaxeman.com


    Thank you, yes we live in a far different world now.

    Tony STony S

    Just love the Madaxeman madness!  My favourite line – and there was some stiff competition as always –

    adding a camel-like whiff of discomfort to the stereotypically garlic infused low level flatulence which emanated from their Parisian buttocks as they trotted across the bald green plain.

    On a more dismal note, I had thought I was doing rather well in my painting figure totals during this pandemic…until I saw your totals for the last 20 weeks.  Very impressive!

    Thanks for sharing, as ever!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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