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    Avatar photoShaun Travers

    I have been slowly playtesting my ancient rules – Ancient Battlelines Clash for a few years.  Designed for solo fast play on a 2’x2′ table.  I have not played much this year, and last year wrote a programmed opponent that saw limited playtesting.  I have also wanted to play 30 quick games in 30 days  with some ancient rules for a little while.  I have also been working on a ugly spreadsheet to randomly create orders of battle for random paired armies, including terrain and initial orders (all as per my rules and the programmed opponent).

    Anyway, more details on the background to the 30 battles in 30 days here on my blog:


    I have played 5 games in the last four days.  While it is dry reading and there are some pictures, it does show how easy it is to setup the game and the joys of playtesting.  I have made minor changes to the rules, and also to the programmed opponent.  The writeup of the first 5 games is at this blog post:





    Avatar photoNorm S

    Shaun, quite an undertaking (even for short games) and a very interesting post to follow.

    Fast games, small space and low figure numbers just makes wargaming more accessible for many people. Great support of the 2 x 2 format.





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