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    Thirty days ago I set out to play 30 games in thirty days to do the last push in play-testing my own ancient rules (Ancient Battlelines Clash) that are designed for fast play on a 2’x2′ table. I finished  game 30 today, on day 30.  While the other games were simply pictures of the start and end with a paragraph of narration, I have gone overboard for game 30 and have a detailed battle report with a lot of pre- and post- rambling about the game.  I had loads of fun playing the 30 games.  You would think I would be relieved to finish but not really – it was gaming and did not take *that* much effort, and so it is more like the passing of something interesting.  There are lots of other projects to keep me going!

    The full rambling and battle report is at this blog post:



    Game 30 sees the British take on early imperial Rome. This is a shot of the British left flank once engaged with the Romans:

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