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    Dear All,

    I’m trying to find some command figures to go with my 30mm Napoleonic Spencer Smiths since they don’t appear to make any. I’ve looked at various websites but all the other 30mm figures are too detailed to fit nicely. any suggestions?

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    Have you tried Tradition of London? I don’t know how good a match they are but they might be worth a look.

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    Buy some nice detailed ones, then file the detail off. 

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    Better yet, use my painting style.  I have developed the knack of making the most exquisitely detailed piece of sculpting look like a blob daubed with paint.


    Seriously, you’re overthinking it, paint then the same way and they will look fine.


    Chaps, thanks for the advice! I’ve got a box of the Perry plastics to see if they match in terms of height as opposed to style. If they do then I’ll round out the armies that  way.

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    Melyvn I have used Perry miniature arms AWI on my Spencer smith Plastic Seven years war figures and they work fine.  I have carved the details of a marching grenadier and added a pace stick to turn figure into sergeants or added sword for officers.  Are your Napoleons plastic or metal.

    I will post a photo later.

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    I don’t know how they will match up with Spencer Smiths, as I seem to recall those are a bit dinky, but Tradition of London offers both the old Stadden and Surens (Willies) which I use almost exclusively for my 18th century  armies. These however are not really 30mm but a bit larger I think, and depending on your scale sensibilities might seem like a confrontation between Charles DeGaulle and Mickey Mouse.  However they are well detailed and quite nice and for me have one overriding attraction. They have human proportions and are correctly proportioned, not squat like minifigs or hugely fat like front rank or others.  The Surens are my favorites. That range is limited (and expensive) but I do imagi-Nations so it’s not a big deal.

    Having said that I have to note that in my 18th century armies I use a mix of figures, not only the Stadden and Surens, but some RPG, some figures from Dayton Painting Consortium, some old Greenwood and Ball,  and even some S.A.E’s all of which when you stack them up next to eachother present some big differences in scale, but when you put the figures together in their own formation on the table top, you never notice. The dinky Greenwood and Ball figures I THINK are the same size as the Spencer Smiths and next to the majestic Surens you never notice the difference.  The only place this gets tricky is when you get to mounted figures. I love the Surens and Stadden horses, all of which are true to scale and LOOK like real horses.  That makes them of the big jumper type, and when you put the riders on them compared to other makers horses which are dinky and small, the size begins to be noticeable.  The other problem with the Surens and Stadden 30mm horses is that they are often weak at the ankles (no surprise, that’s where real horses go weak too!) and I frequently take the weight off them by drilling a hard wire strut up from the base to take the weight off them.  This is absolutely necessary when you have a horse which is rearing or leaping forward.  I once tried to bury this strut by working it up through the hind legs.  An experiment I shall not attempt to repeat.




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    Buy some nice detailed ones, then file the detail off.


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