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    Avatar photoGeoff Sims

    Hi everyone. Michael suggested I join this forum with some news from my little games company, so hope you don’t mind.

    I run Oakbound Studio, a very little company from Bristol, and we are currently running a Kickstarter for some 32-35mm Steampunk characters designed to fit with game systems such as Malifaux, Infamy, Wild West Exodus, Wolsung etc. These miniatures are designed to allow more ‘civilian’ types to be represented on the tabletop and to diversify the kinds of roleplay figures currently available. As an added bonus they are all modelled on ‘real-life’ members of the UK Steampunk scene.

    Legends of British Steampunk

    The miniatures are on Kickstarter now and fully funded, with an accessories pack and access to single-figure add-ons just a handful of pledges away so if your gaming circles would be interested we would love for this to be shared among them.

    Thanks for looking.

    Geoff (Fimm)

    Avatar photoMike

    Crikey, I did not know you are in Bristol too!

    They based on some cos-players then?

    Avatar photoGeoff Sims

    Yay for Bristol!

    There’s a distinct difference between Steampunk and Cosplay, although some Steampunk does involve a degree of roleplay and ‘costume’ (although we call them ‘outfits’). I did an update about the characters featured on the kickstarter yesterday: HERE

    Avatar photoMike

    Oh aye, I know that.
    But I was wondering that given:

    they are all modelled on ‘real-life’ members of the UK Steampunk scene.

    And the models are all in Steampunk attire, if the models were inspired by Steampunk Cosplayers?
    Or maybe SP characters from novels, graphic or otherwise?
    Or non of the above?

    Avatar photoGeoff Sims

    the models are inspired by members of the Steampunk community, for example:

    Lady Elsie


    Kit Cox

    Jack union

    Avatar photoMike


    Interesting, you see to me those are cosplayers, as they are in costume and playing a character, but this is not the case with SP?
    Is it a terminology thing?

    Genuinely curious as to the difference between a cosplayer and a SP community member in an outfit.

    Enlighten me like if the inclination grabs you.

    School days are always good days.

    Avatar photoGeoff Sims

    There is an element of adopting a persona, but most Steampunks aren’t really playing someone different but themselves under different circumstances if that makes sense? The way I see it it’s more a release of the person you feel you really are than putting on a different character. Of course, there’s quite a bit of licence in that. Lots of Steampunks don’t act at all, they just enjoy an opportunity to wear the clothes (outfit) they like. You’ll find many wear lower-key versions of their outfits on a day-to-day basis, the events just provide a chance to wear the full shebang without fear of ridicule. My understanding of Cosplay is that it’s more about taking on a role from a book, comic, game, tv series… than it is creating a persona based on yourself or just wearing the things to like to wear.

    Avatar photoMike

    Aaaah I see.
    Gotcha, thanks for that.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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