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    I started work on this project last year.  it got delayed as there were some problems getting the laser MDF stuff I wanted and I got side tracked but I have started working on it again so I thought I’d start a thread here.


    The idea is to take the Heroquest boardgame and produce a 3D version as a first step for playing fantasy dungeoncrawl games.

    I am using a combination of Ainsty terrain and Sarissa Precision room tiles in 6mm MDF.

    The terrain I have so far

    This is the board setup with the terrain I had from Ainsty.  I have magnetised everything so the dungeon won’t move.

    The starting room with our heroes


    The initial 3 heroes

    These are the classic Heroquest figures – I really don’t like the magic user that comes with the set so I painted a Bones Dwarf magician to use, but will probably replace him with a human one in time…

    Dwarf Magic User

    All the monsters are painted

    Test paint of a Bones Stone Golem

    The other figures are finished, just need to photograph them.  The next step is to paint all the MDF rooms (2 done) in various colours and patterns and then layout it out work out how many walls and corridors I am missing…


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    Cool project Mike

    kieven day

    looks good

    Neil Scott

    Looks cool, brings back happy memories of playing Heroquest

    Double six! I need a double six


    I have finally got back to my Heroquest project.

    It took a long time to get the MDF room floors from Sarissa and by the time I got them I’d moved onto some other things but I have dug them out and starting painting them up over the last week.

    Here are a couple of shots of the board laid out – not all rooms are painted yet.



    I am planning on painting all the walls, etc I have and then putting one final large order into Ainsty to complete it…

    Black Hat Miniatures -

    Tassie Wargamer

    It looks like a good fun project.

    My Blog: http://wargamespavilion.wordpress.com/


    This looks fantastic, loving the sarissa/ainsty combo.

    - Simon |

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