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    David Musser

    I just started playing a campaign of the 2nd edition of 5 Leagues from the Borderland.  I am really liking how simple and intuitive the rule are; and I especially like all the options and variety offered.  This is a far cry better than the 1st edition in my opinion.  I do have some questions, however, that I hope to have answered here.

    • When a character in your warband dies, can their equipment be salvaged by the Warband?  From a Narrative aspect it would make sense to be able to do so if you hold the field, but I did not see anything in the rules one way or the other other than looting as a non-combat action.
    • When Dashing, it states that a character in light or militia armor gain +1″, is that instead of the +2″ for Dashing (representing the encumbrance of the armor)?
    • For Experience points and improvement rolls I want to see if I am reading it right.  A character without an improvement roll is level 0 until they get 4 experience and gain their first roll and then they become level 1.  Once a character has 5 more xp, they may roll again, becoming level 2.  Likewise gaining level 3 requires 5 more xp.  Is this interpretation correct?
    • In that same section it states that each attribute improvement can only be gained twice.  Does this include any improvements gained during character creation?
    • Is there a limit to how many heroes you have in your warband?  For example, if I already have 4 and a follower advances can I have all 5 heroes, or would I have to choose between my newly upgraded follower and an existing hero?

    Thanks for any answers you can provide!




    Ivan Sorensen

    Cheerios. Glad you are enjoying it and that you found the upgrade worthwhile.
    Answers below:

    Salvaging equipment
    Originally I intended this not to be possible, but as you say, it makes more narrative sense and I think most people play that you can.
    Do remember the rules for equipment damage though.

    Light, militia or no armor may dash +3″ total.
    The “standard dash” assumes Partial or Full armor.

    Looks right to me!

    The restriction is for XP specifically.

    No specific restriction no. The different challenge levels is just your starting position.
    Over time you could end up with all heroes (or all Followers..)

    Nordic Weasel Games

    David Musser

    Thanks for the quick answers!


    Regarding that last point, as of my game last night, I now have 8 Heroes and no followers. I was down to 2 Followers, but one died (RIP Former Soldier, we’ll be collecting that well-balanced war spear from your corpse) and the other was promoted to Hero (so the Hired Guide needs an actual name, and while Trackquack is certainly duckly, we’ve already gotca Quackmore in the adventurers.)

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    Ivan Sorensen

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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