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    Proper post with pics and everything. Starting in October of last year I painted that first unit of Zouaves and from there the project continued at a break neck pace. Updates were posted in some places and I was kind of scattered with updates. Got sick in the middle of the project and lost about 4 months of painting progress being at the doctor’s constantly and that was a major set back. Still, got the project done in time for the convention and made it out to put the game on. The 54mm figures were laid out and got a lot of good compliments. Now, I had zero sign ups for the game since I uploaded it to the convention’s website and was worried I’d have no players and spent the last year working on all this for nothing. One of the people that did sign up told me my description was just off and didn’t quite convey what I was setting up. He basically said that he took one look at the game as I was putting out the figures and was like, “Oh! Wow, this looks awesome!” and promptly signed up. Will work on my event description next year. Fellow gamers provided the boards and another the terrain that we also use for 54mm AWI. I couldn’t have done it without them for sure.

    Battle is loosely based on a Salem Church assault for Fire and Fury. Had some reversal going on due to the Confederate Cavalry not being finished so we made due with reversing historical roles. Again, I also suffer from I painted this special unit by Grognard’s Hairy Beard, I’m putting it on the table!


    Started setting up. Group of Sharpshooters on the flank complete with one decked out in buckskin.

    Other Union flank had the Buffalo Soldiers as well as two units ahead with plans to take the orchard quickly before the Confederate forces could get in there.

    Confederate forces started advancing under cover of artillery barrages. Dice rolls on the artillery exchanges started weak but picked up steam at the game progressed. Started having battery and counter battery fire and eventually the Confederate forces succeeded in taking out the Union batteries. Unfortunately the ground battle shifted for a few turns making the ground battle a point of serious contention.

    The Union flank protecting Salem Church. The cavalry was more than terrifying to the Confederate players and as such they used every special command disorder card to keep them frozen the entire game.

    And the Confederate side of things as they advance they are tentative about getting in range of those Union guns. Understandable as the Union have the defensive advantage and artillery hadn’t softened them up yet.

    I note the a Confederate player seems less excited about his position and my position taking the picture.


    Confederate players send a unit out the soften the Union defense but take casualties in the process. They are unable to break that defense still.

    The Union has also pushed the Confederate sharpshooters out of the orchard.

    Trying to push up the road, a lot of the card activations didn’t favor the Confederate players when they tried to get their offensive steam going.


    The push and the Union Zouaves take a hit but the counter fire was devastating to the Confederate advance.

    We called the game shortly after, honestly as things got more tense I forgot the camera and taking pictures. The Union pushed through the orchard and were about to possibly start a flanking sweep and the Confederates were unable to unseat the Union defensive line. The attempt to mount a flanking maneuver for Chancellorsville was stopped by the Union forces.


    In the end, we all had fun and I’ll be pushing this game around the area conventions fro quite some time. God’s True Scale and Only Scale triumphas at the convention. Getting those toy soldiers out there and in the public eye in Texas. You humble game master holding up the three fingers at the back.

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