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    Figured I’d post up a few examples of what you can get out of it.

    A lot of people do “imagi-nations” with modern gaming, which has a lot of benefits like letting you use whatever models you want.

    So FiveCore Company Commander includes a “war generator” to set up the reason everyone is so mad at each other.

    The war
    Rolling the dice, we get:

    A war set in Africa ( should be familiar enough to the AK47 people).

    The year is 2014 (uncanny)

    The two groups at each others throats are a a warlord state and a ethnic nationalist group
    The war is a military coup and the intensity is potentially regionally destabilizing.

    Yikes, okay. So a nation with multiple ethnic groups all more or less held together by the strong man in charge. But now, one of the larger ethnic groups have secured enough outside support to make a bid for power.

    With strong ties outside the nation, neighbouring states may find uprisings on their own turf as well.

    To flesh things out more, we roll two more nation types, to find who supports each side. The warlord has support from a right wing one party state while the nationalists is in cahoots with a corrupt democracy.

    [The scenario]
    To set up a scenario, a few rolls are made. The first battle will take place in an urban environment with the warlord forces trying to reach an objective across the table while the nationalists are trying to hold their ground.

    So a pretty straight forward battle.

    [The forces]
    We decide that the warlord forces have Average manpower while the nationalists, being an insurgent group on the defensive so far are Stretched.

    Rolling for their forces, the warlord has 7 squads available while the nationalists must make do with 5.

    Rolling for force types (mostly for flavour), the warlord troops are insurgents or other irregular forces (I’m thinking generic warlord-state tribal goons withguns) while the nationalists are a recon or scout outfit. Presumably, they are not too pleased taking on a frontal assault but them’s the breaks.

    Each side gets specialist stands, 3 to be exact, which can be attached to any of our squads.
    For the warlord force, we pick a LMG specialist, an anti-tank element (plenty of RPG’s in Africa) and a Storm trooper specialist (for a close combat boost)

    The scouts are a light but more professional force, so we give them a sharp shooter, a medic and a leader.

    Since the warlord is attacking, we’ll give them 3 support units while the nationalists get 2.

    Warlord support turns out to be an APC, one fire support element (a few mortars) and an anti-tank gun (old Soviet kit).
    The nationalists have a armoured car and a heavy weapons team, which we pick as a machine gun team.
    With that, we’re set to go and even have a structure in place if we wanted to build this out into a campaign.

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    Looks good

    Those are brave men knocking at our door. Let's go kill them!

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